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Lessons From Ulster County’s History Conference

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Vintage Ulster County Map (1897) New Ulster County Historian Geoff Miller spent his first year getting the lay of the land, and getting to know his fellow local historians.

As a follow-up, he helped convene a team of municipal historians and county historical society members to organize an Ulster County history conference.

The theme was resources (not local history stories) and addressed the resources available to the history community of Ulster County at the state, regional, and county level.  Continue reading

Carol Kammen: NY Municipal Historians Report Lessons

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There are some obvious truths that emerge from the survey of New York State county and borough historians, submitted by the State Historian to all county and borough historians in September 2017 to which approximately 30 individuals responded.

What follows is apparent from the surveys and is a composite of their responses but cannot be considered absolute for all those who answered the survey. There are variables that will be discussed below. Continue reading

New Online Reporting System For Local Historians

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office of state history§57.09 of the NYS Arts and Cultural Affairs Law requires all appointed Local Government Historians to “make an annual report, in the month of January, to the local appointing officer or officers and to the state historian of the work which has been accomplished during the preceding year.”

New York State Historian Devin Lander and the Office of State History have made online submission of the required report available to allow historians to more easily make their required report via the web.

Continue reading

County and Borough Historians’ Institute Announced

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office of state historyOn August 25th, 2017 from 9 am to 5 pm the County and Borough Historians’ Institute will be held at the New York State Museum Huxley Theater, 222 Madison Avenue, Albany.

The County and Borough Historian’s Institute is a free learning opportunity for County and Borough Historians hosted by the Office of Cultural Education and facilitated by the New York State Historian, the Association of Public Historians of New York State and the Government Appointed Historians of Western New York.  Continue reading

Albany Times Union Covers State Historian Controversy

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NYS MapPaul Grondahl at the Albany Times Union has picked-up the story of the recent downgrading of the State Historian’s position, which we’ve been covering on The New York History Blog.

You can find the Times Union story here. We’ll have another essay by Devin Lander on his plans as State Historian later this week.

You can read all our reporting and commentaries about the State Historian’s position here.