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Peter Feinman is founder and president of the Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education, a non-profit organization which provides enrichment programs for schools, professional development program for teachers, public programs including leading Historyhostels and Teacherhostels to the historic sites in the state, promotes county history conferences, the development of Paths through History, and a Common Core Curriculum that includes local and state history.

Feinman: Fellow Americans And Tribal Rivalries

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pro immigration illustrationAmerica has always been a diverse country. America has always been a country of multiple ethnicities, multiple races, and multiple religions. The individual peoples have changed over time. Generally the number increases, but we have always been a country of numerous different peoples. Yet we also are the country of We the People, the opening words on the document that constitutes us a nation. How can we be both? Continue reading

Feinman: Make NYS History Great Again

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On August 28, 2012, Governor Andrew Cuomo launched the Path through History program.

The plenary address was given by Kenneth Jackson of Columbia University. In his address, Jackson spoke of the ways in which New York had been a national leader over the centuries. He recounted various events, named various people and places, and highlighted the prominence of the Empire State. He also noted how much better other states like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia were at touting their history. You would never know that George Washington spent more time here than in any other state during the American Revolution.

How have things gone in the last six years? What should we advocate for during this gubernatorial election year? To read more go to Make New York State History Great Again.


Funding Field Trips: Make It An Advocacy Item

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I have heard the ads, haven’t you? Yes, it’s time to start the back-to-school shopping. At least so
so say the marketeers.

That also means it’s time to start thinking about school field trips. One of the issues with field trips is even if the school permits them there is the cost of the bus. Here we have a clear cut example of an advocacy “ask.”  The history community can ask the legislature for money for a specific action – to defray the costs of busing students on field trips to historic sites. Read more at Funding Field Trips: An Advocacy Item.

Mass History Alliance Advocates for State, Local History

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Mass History AllianceOn June 4, 2018, I attended the annual Massachusetts History Conference. For the second year in row, the event was hosted by the Massachusetts History Alliance. This new and still-forming group drew my attention because of its mission: to advocate on behalf of state and local history.

To read about the efforts of this group go to Who Advocates for State and Local History?: The Massachusetts History Alliance Experience.