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Maria Reynolds has a Ph.D. in Public History /American History from Loyola University Chicago. She has worked as an interpreter at Great Camp Sagamore and facilitated the Loyola Oral History Project. Currently, she is an interpreter at Staatsburgh State Historic Site where she developed the Downton Abbey themed tour, Gilded Age Tea & Talk Series, and the site’s blog at

Hamilton’s Mistress; My Historic Namesake

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StaatsburghDowntonTour6-2014 (153)In the study of history, a personal connection is often what draws us in to begin to explore a subject, place, or era.  We might be interested in World War II after hearing grandpa’s war stories.  We might begin to read about the Underground Railroad after discovering stations in our hometown.

Making a personal connection with the people we read about and study is a common impulse for history lovers.  It helps make history come alive. This story isn’t about an ancestor, or a history connection to my home town, it’s about a woman with a more unique connection to me, one who shares my name. Continue reading