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A long-time member and former President of the Friends of Historic Kingston, Lowell Thing is the author of the recently published The Street That Built a City – James McEntee’s Chestnut Street, Kingston, and the Rise of New York from Black Dome Press (2015). Jervis McEntee’s journal can be read online at the Archives of American Art.

How The McEntees Spent Christmas

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McEntee- Christmas in the Catskills,1867“I went out after a Christmas tree and some laurel, through seas of mud,” wrote Jervis McEntee on Christmas eve, 1881, “to the place where I always go on the cross road between the Flat-bush and Pine bush roads. It rained a part of the time and turned into a snow storm on our return.”

Another year, McEntee’s usual places for a tree were so wet that he settled for a small hemlock on the side of the hill where he lived. It was a hill that offered a panoramic view of the entire village as well as the Rondout Creek and the Hudson River. His father James, an engineer who had helped build the nearby Delaware and Hudson Canal, had built the first house on the hill and the family still lived there. Continue reading