Troy Orphan Asylum: Vanderheyden’s Legacy Exhibit Opening

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Vanderheyden 185th anniversaryThe Vanderheyden has announced a 185th Anniversary Legacy Exhibit and Cocktail Reception has been set for Thursday, October 25th at the Rensselaer County Historical Society (RCHS), 57 2nd Street in Troy, from 6 to 8 pm. A ribbon cutting will be held at 5:30 pm.

E. Stewart Jones will be Honorary Chair. Attendees can see many of Vanderheydens artifacts throughout the years in the exhibit, including many never-before seen photos from the Troy Orphan Asylum and the Fairview Home for Friendless Children, the original handwritten book from 1833 with Vanderheyden’s Constitution and early Board minutes, memorabilia left by the children, it’s 1892 Spring Avenue cornerstone items, the 1863 Meneely Bell from the former Eighth Street and Spring Avenue, Troy locations which is in safekeeping at the Hudson-Mohawk Industrial Gateway Museum in Troy.

Artifacts will be on display at RCHS after the 25th for a short while.

Since eggs were a big part of the diet of the children, hors d’oeuvres including deviled eggs will be served. Since the children ate chocolate for breakfast, 185th commemorative candy bars will be given out.

Former residents of the Troy Orphan Asylum will speak about their experience there, including 92-year old Marion Manchester.

Tickets are available on Vanderheyden’s website. For more information, contact Cathy at (518) 874-4901.

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