Funding Field Trips: Make It An Advocacy Item

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I have heard the ads, haven’t you? Yes, it’s time to start the back-to-school shopping. At least so
so say the marketeers.

That also means it’s time to start thinking about school field trips. One of the issues with field trips is even if the school permits them there is the cost of the bus. Here we have a clear cut example of an advocacy “ask.”  The history community can ask the legislature for money for a specific action – to defray the costs of busing students on field trips to historic sites. Read more at Funding Field Trips: An Advocacy Item.

One thought on “Funding Field Trips: Make It An Advocacy Item

  1. Peter K. Evans

    Peter – All the school districts I’ve been associated with over the years always add “field trips” as a budget line expense for each school building i.e. Primary, Elementary, Middle/Jr High and High School. Some is for sports teams, some for club activities like science fairs, Master Minds, spelling bees, zoo visits, local history villages and various classroom activities like visiting museums and participating in walking tours (also usually history related).
    It is true that the whole need for greater security has dampened the open spirit of field trips. I have been volunteering in school classrooms for over 40 years yet now I need to submit to background checks….etc. before I can enter classrooms or work in any capacity with students. It is frustrating yet I understand the reasons for it.


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