Culper Ring: Washington’s Spy Letters

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long island history project logoThe Culper Spy Ring has taken hold of the public imagination in recent years. From the work of historian Alexander Rose to the AMC series Turn, this story of a tight-knit group of Long Island natives spying for George Washington during the Revolution provides a compelling narrative.

On the latest episode of the Long Island History Project, we take a closer look at the primary sources that help document the Culper story. Kristen Nyitray, Director of Special Collections and University Archives at Stony Brook University, and Chris Filstrup, former Dean of SBU Libraries, discuss their pursuit and acquisition of two letters by George Washington to Benjamin Tallmadge about the operations of the spy ring. We also discus how the letters helped form closer ties among community groups involved in interpreting and promoting this fascinating aspect of Long Island history.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Long Island History Project is a podcast featuring stories and interviews with people passionate about Long Island history. It is co-hosted by librarian Chris Kretz and Connie Currie, president of the Sayville Historical Society.

2 thoughts on “Culper Ring: Washington’s Spy Letters

  1. Michael Mauro DeBonis

    The history of the Culper Ring has yet to be fully exhausted. What we know about it, though much, is not the whole story. Massive fragments of Culper’s history are hence missing. Hey historical researchers! Keep on digging! We’re learning more everyday.

    Good luck to all.

    Michael M. DeBonis.

  2. Michael Mauro DeBonis

    PS-Consulting Brookhaven Town Historian Barbara Russell and Three Village Historian Beverly Tyler will be tremendously advantageous to anyone interested in learning about the Culper Spy Ring. They both are highly knowledgeable on Culper’s entire history and their contact information may be found online. The Emma S. Clark Public Library also has extensive historical records and resources detailing the Culper Spy Ring’s history.

    Michael Mauro DeBonis.


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