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still shot from Battle of Cranberry Creek youtube videoThe Battle of Cranberry Creek, fought just north of Alexandria Bay in July of 1813, was a small but dramatic part of the War of 1812 in Upstate New York. In late July 1813, the American Navy learned that several British bateaux loaded with supplies were bound up the St. Lawrence River for Fort Henry at Kingston, Ontario. Major Dimoch of the Forsyth Rifles caught up with the flotilla in Goose Bay on July 20 and sized 15 ships and their cargo.

Taking precaution, the Americans ran aground far up stream and prepared an ambush in the woods at the mouth of Cranberry Creek. When approximately 250 British soldiers (600 according to some sources) in bateaux pursued the Americans into the creek, Major Dimoch sprung his trap. Three or four Americans and 15-20 British were killed in the engagement, with an unknown number wounded.

Hear naturalist and author Roger Fulton tell the story of the battle, and his own battle to preserve the battlefield and the small stone memorials to the Americans who lost their lives on the banks of Cranberry Creek.


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