Long Island: Newsday’s History With Bob Keeler

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long island history project logoNewsday has helped shape the development of Nassau and Suffolk counties since its first edition rolled off the presses in 1940. And it never would have happened without the unique marriage of Alicia Patterson and Harry Guggenheim.

Learn the backstory of Long Island’s paper of record, as told by former Newsday reporter Bob Keeler. Bob spent years researching the lives of Alicia, Harry, Bill Moyers, and all those involved in Newsday‘s first half-century.

His book Newsday: A Candid History of the Respectable Tabloid, published in 1990, is required reading for anyone interested in Long Island, journalism, and post-WWII politics.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Long Island History Project is a podcast featuring stories and interviews with people passionate about Long Island history. It is co-hosted by librarian Chris Kretz and Connie Currie, president of the Sayville Historical Society.

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