Smuggling and the American Revolution

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ben_franklins_worldAt the end of the French and Indian, or Seven Years’ War in 1763, Great Britain claimed that smuggling was a BIG problem in its North American colonies and cracked down on the practice.

But just how BIG of a problem was smuggling in North America? Why did British North Americans choose to engage in the illegal importation of goods like tea? Was it really all about cheaper prices?

In this episode of the Ben Franklin’s World podcast, Fabrício Prado, Christian Koot, and Wim Klooster join us to explore the history of smuggling in the eighteenth-century Atlantic World and to investigate the connections between smuggling and the American Revolution. You can listen to the podcast here:

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One thought on “Smuggling and the American Revolution

  1. towery maurice burris esq

    Alot has been written on Ben Franklin . More should be written about John & James P Morgan (Bankers ref: Burris) and the family that is a part of Cleveland County NC. Kings Mountain with it’s historical Battleground.
    Individuals such as John Bryant Hunt (J.B.Hunt Trucking) The family history in small towns such as Belwood & Shelby NC. Belwood known for Moonshine and Historical Shelby.
    Orville & Ollie O.E. ,Members of the Ford Family (Automotive, Betty Ford)

    Modern day beloved individuals such as James Burris Sr, Annie Ruth Browner, Charlie Rogers , Clyde Huffman , Dan Boheler and Travis Bunch stretching the NC & SC border


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