Friends of Historic Kingston Preservation Awards

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Arthur and Lillian NazginovThe Friends of Historic Kingston (FHK) has presented the following awards to individuals for outstanding work in the area of local history, restoration, and community stewardship:

Local History Award:

To: Paul O’Neill, for the “Buried Treasure” Lecture Series. Presented by Peter Roberts, FHK President of Board, Emeritus.

Stewardship Awards:

To: Arthur & Lillian Nazginov for the Teichler Bakery Building at 474 Broadway. Presented by Marissa Marvelli, FHK Preservation Committee.

To: Bill Cloonan for the Fountain at Academy Green Presented by Avery Leete Smith, FHK President Emeritus & President Academy Green.

To: Tamara Ehlin and Charles Mallea for the Forsyth B&B at 85 Abeel Street. Presented by Eli Basch, FHK Board.

To: Aaron Rezny, Owner; Christopher Richartz of Studio ARKH, Architect; and Shawn DeLisio of Greenland Building, Builder for the Welch Industrial Building at 76 Prince Street. Presented by Frank Flynn, FHK Board.

In Kingston, the identification, designation, preservation, and use of historic assets are fundamental to the city’s economic development. The restoration of residences, historic neighborhoods, landscapes, parks, and retail and industrial buildings creates jobs, provides housing, promotes tourism, stimulates private investment, and conserves energy resources and open space. The Friends of Historic Kingston’s annual Preservation Awards Program recognizes the achievements of individuals and groups while highlighting projects that may serve as models for future historic preservation efforts.

The Friends of Historic Kingston especially encourages nominations that provide case studies incorporating energy efficiency, adaptive reuse, and/or New York’s Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program. Previous award winners are available here.

For information on the Standards, click here.

For more information on the Friends of Historic Kingston, call (845) 339-0720 or visit their website.

Photo: Teichler Bakery Building, provided by Friends of Historic Kingston.

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