Program on Lenape Native Americans Sun Sept 24th

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Lapowinsa, Lenape chief, 1735A historical re-enactment, The Story of the Lenape will be held at the Time and the Valleys Museum in Grahamsville, Sullivan County, on Sunday, September 24, at 2 pm.

Historical Re-Enactor Tom Riley will play the part of a Lenape warrior, painted for war. He recounts the origins of the Lenape and trace their history from the earliest times through the colonial period into the present. Riley will discuss how the land of our first inhabitants was dispossessed and their way of life destroyed by the arrival of European settlers.

The program is free for members and $3 for nonmembers. Refreshments and Museum admission are included.

Teaching history for almost 40 years, Tom Riley holds B.S., M.S. and M. Ed degrees. He is also an adjunct Professor at Sussex County College and performs several historical presentation and re-enactments.

The Museum is located at 332 Main Street (St. Rt. 55) in Grahamsville, Sullivan County. For more information call (845) 985-7700, e-mail or visit their website.

Portrait of Lapowinsa, Lenape chief, 1735.

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