Realities of Resettlement: Refugees In Utica Exhibit

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A new exhibit at the Realities of ResettlementOneida County History Center, Realities of Resettlement explores refugee integration into urban life in Utica. The resettlement and integration of refugees affects the social, political, and economic fabric of the Mohawk Valley.

This exhibit offers an opportunity to learn from the city’s challenging and successful resettlement experiences in order to serve as a model for similar communities elsewhere. 

Realities of ResettlementThe exhibit was researched and curated by Colgate University Upstate Institute Summer Field School Fellow Hayley Arlin. Exhibits are located in the center’s main gallery and are open Monday-Friday, 10 am to 4 pm. Admission is free. Donations are encouraged.

For more information on the Oneida County History Center, visit their website, or call (315) 735-3642.

Photos of Realities of Resettlement exhibit courtesy Lynne Brown.

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