Peebles Island Matton Shipyard Project Update

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Peebles Island Matton ShipyardThe Matton Shipyard initiative has made advances this summer toward stabilizing and transforming the former shipyard at Peebles Island State Park in Cohoes/Waterford.

Final concept renderings are nearly complete and planning documents produced by Fisher Associates will be released this fall. Ryan-Biggs/Clark-Davis has completed engineering assessments of the waterfront, with special assistance from Waterford resident Curtis King who provided boat access to the site.

Interviews with eight former Matton employees will help share the stories of working at Matton. The Matton Shipyard initiative is actively seeking two more people to talk about their (or their relations/friends) experiences. Contact Andy Kitzmann if you are aware of anyone with a Matton story to tell.

The McCarthy Charities of Troy recently awarded $3,000 to support requirements for the planning phase of this project. The Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau at the Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region provided $5,000 to help build public awareness and support resource development.

For more information or make a contribution, click here.

Photo: Peebles Island Matton Shipyard, provided.

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