Women Will Vote: New Book On Winning Suffrage in NYS

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Suffrage in New YorkSusan Goodier and Karen Pastorello have released a new book, Women Will Vote (Cornell University Press, 2017), which coincides with the 2017 centenary of women’s right to full suffrage in New York State.

The book highlights the activism of rural, urban, African American, Jewish, immigrant, and European American women, as well as male suffragists, both upstate and downstate, that led to the positive outcome of the 1917 referendum.

Goodier and Pastorello argue that the popular nature of the women’s suffrage movement in New York State and the resounding success of the referendum at the polls relaunched suffrage as a national issue. If women had failed to gain the vote in New York, Goodier and Pastorello claim, there is good reason to believe that the passage and ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment would have been delayed.

Women Will Vote explains how the actions of New York’s patchwork of suffrage advocates helped to usher in a political, social, and legal shift in the United States.

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  1. Kelly Escarcega

    This is great! And such important work. In fact, the NYS museum is opening up a new exhibit called Votes for Women on November 4th in conjunction with the centennial as well! And in fact, Kathryn Weller, education director at the museum, along with Stephanie Miller, the youth services director, and Ashley Hopkins-Benton, senior historian, will be presenting a workshop about the development of this exhibit! They’re going to be presenting this workshop at Teaching the Hudson Valley’s upcoming summer institute about women’s suffrage and how they use the story of women fighting for the vote to teach students civic engagement! Here’s more info if you’re interested!


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