Ham Radio Field Days at Chimney Point This Weekend

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amateur radio stationJune 24 and 25, 2017, is the annual Amateur Radio Service Field Days across the country. Members of the Addison County Amateur Radio Association will be at the Chimney Point State Historic Site in Addison on Saturday, from 1 to 5 pm, and Sunday, from 9:30 am to 2 pm. They will set up a simulated emergency station, and will invite visitors and talk about what they are doing.    

Visitors can observe the capabilities of ham radio and learn how to get your own FCC radio license. Listen in to discover how far away the operators can communicate. The radio operators use only emergency power supplies in order to practice emergency communications. This outdoor program on the grounds is free. Call (802) 759-2412 to sign up.

Ham radio operators provide communications in emergencies when telephones and electricity are out. During natural disasters, Amateur Radio is often the only way to communicate. To learn more about Amateur Radio in Addison County, click here or meet the Addison County hams on site.

For more information about the Chimney Point State Historic Site, call (802) 759-2512.

Photo: Amateur radio station with four transceivers, amplifiers, and a computer for logging and for digital modes by Emil Neuerer.

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