Women’s Suffrage Events in Newburgh, New Lebanon, Penn Yann

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Event registration for the 2017 Path Through History Weekends has begun. Events will be held in Newburgh, New Lebanon and Penn Yann to celebrate the theme of Women’s Rights.

On June 17 The Shaker Museum in New Lebanon will celebrate Women’s Rights with the exhibition Break Every Yoke: Shakers, gender equality, and women’s suffrage. The exhibition traces the evolution of Shaker gender relations, from the earliest prophecies of Mother Lee to the struggles of Shakers in the fight for universal suffrage. The evening will begin at 6 pm with a free picnic on the lawn at the North Family. All are welcome. For more information please call (518) 794-9100 ext.220. Admission is free.

On June 17, the Yates County History Center in Penn Yann will open the exhibit “Political Postcards” Opening June 17 at the L. Caroline Underwood Museum, Political Postcards is a temporary exhibit from the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum in Adams, Massachusetts. It depicts children, holidays, anti-suffrage sentiment, and promotion of the National Suffrage Association in postcards mailed around the country. Come for the grand opening of the temporary exhibit and also explore the women’s suffrage exhibit “Hear Our One Voice”. Using images and costumes from the archives of the YCHC, “Hear Our One Voice” presents topics such as dress reform, Native American influence on women’s rights campaigns, women’s work, and the campaign itself.

On June 18, Captain David Crawford House of Newburgh will present Suffragettes in Newburgh at the Newburgh Historical Society. Newburgh was selected in 1895 to be the site of the Women’s Suffrage Convention, an annual event that gathered people who carried on the work to secure voting rights for women since they first met up in Seneca Falls in 1848. 1895 was the year that the old guard in the suffrage movement gave way to the new. The founders like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton had mentored their younger sisters and this convention was the time they passed the torch and made headlines they hoped would invigorate the movement. They selected Newburgh because it was known as a progressive city, because its beauty and easy transportation choices attracted visitors, and because it had great facilities and amenities to accommodate guests. Admission is $5.00, free for Newburgh Historical Society members.

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