Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery Landmarks Get Makeover

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Miller Mausoleum The corporate team Kärcher, that cleaned Mt. Rushmore, the Seattle Space Needle and The London Eye, recently visited to Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn to give some of its famous monuments and mausoleums a special makeover.

Using cutting-edge and eco-friendly technology, cultural restoration expert Thorsten Moewes, of Kärcher, a manufacturer of cleaning equipment, removed centuries of dirt and grime from three Green-Wood landmarks free of charge: the Niblo Mausoleum (1851), the Miller Mausoleum (ca. 1870) and the Charlotte Canda Memorial (1845). Following the cleaning, a HDS 13/20 hot water pressure washer was donated to Green-Wood.

This cleaning project was the start of a long-term partnership with Kärcher to set a standard for the future cleaning of Green-Wood monuments. Besides the development of a cleaning concept together with Neela Wickremesinghe, Manager of Preservation and Restoration at Green-Wood, Kärcher will be providing ongoing consultation for future needs.

The machine utilizes a unique combination of very high temperature steam (upwards of 300 degrees Fahrenheit) delivered at very low pressure. Its spray jet uses no toxins or chemicals and will not harm the delicate and historic stonework.

The Niblo Mausoleum, flanked by two marble lions, is the final resting place for William Niblo (1789–1878), the proprietor of the 19th-century pleasure garden and theater, Niblo’s Garden – considered the Radio City Music Hall of its day.

The massive and dramatic Miller Mausoleum is the final resting place of William Starr Miller II (1856-1935) and his wife Edith Warren (1866-1944), whose residence on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan is now a city landmark and home to the Neue Galerie.

The Charlotte Canda Memorial, 17 feet high and 17 feet deep, with 17 rose buds to commemorate her age at the time of her death, is the final resting place for Charlotte Canda (1828-1845), who – after a celebration of her seventeenth birthday – was thrown from a carriage and died tragically in her father’s arms.

Under its cultural sponsorship program, Kärcher has supported the cleaning and restoration of more than 100 monuments and buildings such as the Space Needle in Seattle (2008), the Presidents’ heads at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial (2005), the Colossi of Memnon in Luxor (2003), the Colonnades on St Peter’s Square at the Vatican (1998), the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin (1990), the pedestal from the Statue of Liberty in New York City (1985) and the Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro (1980/1990/2000/2010).

This project is Kärcher’s first project in NYC since cleaning the base from the Statue of Liberty over 30 years ago.

Photo: Miller Mausoleum cleaning, provided.

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  1. Richard L. Daly

    Picture this: 1946-1952 … from my age 2 thru 6
    We lived at 165 McDonald Av, across from the East side fence of Green-Wood-Cem.
    BTW, the trolleys to Coney Island are gone.


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