Saratoga NHP Announces 58% Visitation Increase in 2016

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2016 marked a banner year for visitation at Saratoga National Historical Park. Over 102,000 people visited the park during the 100th anniversary year of the National Park Service.

This was a 58% increase in park visitation from 2015. The park witnessed an increase in visitors attending ranger programs, special events, hiking and cycling, and touring the park’s historic sites, according to the Park Service.

In 2016, 3,019 students learned about the pivotal 1777 battles and life during the 18th century. Hands on activities, demonstrations, and hikes helped students gain knowledge of the lives of soldiers, camp followers, and every day people involved in the battles. Over 2,000 visitors attended living history days at the park where re-enactors highlighted life in the 18th Century. Some 500 visitors witnessed 20 new U.S. citizens taking the oath of allegiance at the park’s naturalization ceremony on Independence Day. The historic Schuyler House also received increased visitation in 2016 with 30% more visitors than in 2015.

In 2017 the park will be hosting its first-ever Jr. Ranger Day for all ages on April 15, “I Love My Park Day” volunteer service day on May 6, the Independence Day activities, and a family bike summit on May 21. Ranger programs, guided hikes, music events, children’s programs, and more events take place every month at the park. For a full calendar of events, see the park’s website.

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