25th Annual Peterboro Civil War Weekend June 9-11, 2017

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12th-us-infantry-reenacting-drill-2016The Smithfield Community Association’s Civil War Weekend Committee is preparing for the 25th annual Peterboro event June 9 to 11, 2017. The event began a quarter century ago to raise funds to repair the Smithfield Community Center and to bring attention to Peterboro’s history.

Thanks to volunteers and sponsors, the event has raised money to continue to upgrade community buildings and acquire the Gerrit Smith Estate, as well as promote the history of Peterboro.

Pat Ennis will open the event with a program at 7 pm Friday, June 9 at the Smithfield Community Center sharing the story of how her transcriptions of family diaries led to Union Bound, a Civil War movie released in 2015. The movie follows Joseph Hoover (Ennis’ great, great grandfather) and a fellow soldier in the 121st Herkimer, as they escaped from Florence Confederate Prison on September 21, 1864 and made their way to the Union lines 33 days later – with the help of slaves who were also running north.

reenactment-camp-2016The 12 U.S. Infantry Reenactment Regiment and the Civil War Heritage Foundation will once again host the event providing military and civilian encampments, programs, activities, demonstrations, a Sunday military sermon, a candlelight tour, a town ball game, and a daily skirmish. As many as twenty northern and southern units may be on the Peterboro field. These units also provide stations for the Civil War Living History Day for fifth graders before the weekend event. There will also be an activity center for children on Saturday and Sunday.

One of the themes of the 2017 Peterboro Civil War Weekend is the Peterboro spark that added fuel to the ignition of the Civil War. Dreaming of Timbuctoo, a travelling exhibit from the John Brown Lives! project in Lake Placid will open in Peterboro on Civil War Weekend. A series of programs on the relationships and activities of John Brown, Gerrit Smith and the Secret Six will be ongoing.

In recognition of the Centennial of Women’s Suffrage in New York State, programs on women in the Civil War will also be a featured theme. Authors and their publications will be centralized near the Main Gate and some will provide programs about their research and writing.

Civil War Round Tables, historical societies, period crafters, and vendors will provide exhibits, demonstrations, and programs throughout the eight acres of activities involved in the weekend. The Gerrit Smith Estate National Historic Landmark, the National Abolition Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Peterboro Area Museum will be open. The 77th New York Regimental Balladeers will provide Civil War music Saturday afternoon and a concert Saturday evening. Merry Mischief will present period music and fun Sunday afternoon.

Foods will be available at the Deli on the Green and from vendors. The Smithfield Volunteer Fire Department will sell chicken barbeque at mid-day on Saturday, and the Peterboro United Methodist Church will hold a pancake breakfast before the gates open on Sunday.

Admission gates open at 10 am both days and close at 5 pm on Saturday and at 4 pm on Sunday. The exhibits and activities (except food and shopping) are included in the ten dollar admission for adults, five dollars for ages 6-12, and free for under age 6. Five dollar adult admission tickets will be available February 1st by sending check or money order to Civil War Weekend, PO Box 6, Peterboro NY 13134.

Sponsors, volunteers, vendors, demonstrators, exhibitors, authors, historical societies, Round Tables are invited to sign up now for the event. For participation forms and event updates, click here, email mail@sca-peterboro.org or call (315) 280-8828.

Photos from above: 12th US Infantry Reenacting Drill 2016; and Reenactment Camp 2016 provided.

2 thoughts on “25th Annual Peterboro Civil War Weekend June 9-11, 2017

  1. Bob Walker

    I have attended a couple of your reenactments and they are superb. You will find one on my website.
    Your graphic for the 2016 was very nice. Keep up the great work I look forward to attending this year’s.
    Your reenact-ors are very special people keeping our history alive.

  2. Pamela Forster Jay

    In addition to Pat Ennis presenting the history and movie about our G.G.Grandfather’s Civil War experiences at the Smithfield Community Center on June 9, she and I are hosting a screening of the movie on April 27th at a Syracuse theater. Here is some information about the event:

    Regal Cinemas at Shoppingtown Mall to Bring Film, “Union Bound”, to Syracuse

    This full length feature film is based on the amazing true story of Joseph Hoover, a Union Soldier from Utica, NY, who was captured and held at a Confederate Prisoner of War Camp. He and a comrade escaped from the stockade and were aided by slaves to find their way back to the Union Lines. Sean Stone (son of Director, Oliver Stone) plays the real life soldier, Joseph Hoover. This story is based on the real Joseph Hoover’s diaries.

    There will be a brief introduction to the movie and then afterwards, local residents and Executive Producers Pamela Forster Jay and Pat Ennis, will hold a Q & A, and the diaries and memorabilia will be available for viewing. Pamela and Pat are both direct descendants of Joseph Hoover.

    The film is being screened through Tugg.com, a platform that helps individuals and organizations to host screenings in their local theaters. Tickets can be purchased at: https://www.tugg.com/events/union-bound-syks. The movie trailer can also be viewed there. The movie will only be shown if the minimum number of tickets are reserved. Please see the Tugg website above for more information. Tickets cannot be purchased at the theater.

    For more information about the movie, visit http://unionboundthemovie.com


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