PR Museum Launches ‘Public Relations Through the Ages’

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museum of public relationsThe Museum of Public Relations, the only PR museum in the world, recently launched a historical timeline documenting the history of public relations.

The timeline, “Public Relations Through the Ages,” illustrates the evolution of the PR profession and its relationship to the development of human communication. Presented jointly by the museum and Hofstra University, this timeline highlights the significant people, events and inventions which have connected messages and messengers through the ages. The timeline divides history into five ages, beginning with the earliest forms of communication and ending with the most recent developments of digital media. Each section contains images and condenses years of history into concise descriptions, providing links to additional resources for in-depth research. This tool can be accessed digitally on the museum’s website.

Located at Baruch College in New York City, the Museum of Public Relations offers the opportunity to see and feel original artifacts produced by innovators of PR like Bernays, Ivy Lee, and Betsy Plank.  For information about scheduling a tour, contact Samantha Virgil at

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