A Newly Discovered Revolutionary War Letter

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The Historians LogoThis week “The Historians” podcast features Jerry Snyder of Historic Amsterdam League discussing the group’s 2016 Amsterdam Icons calendar. Also, Historians Kelly Farquhar and Norm Bollen report on a recently found letter from a Revolutionary leader in the Mohawk Valley that makes reference to the Boston Tea Party. You can listen to the podcast here.

“The Historians” podcast is heard each week on RISE, WMHT’s 24-hour radio information service for the blind and print disabled in New York’s Capital Region and Hudson Valley. The podcast is recorded at Dave Greene’s Eastline Studio.

You can support this audio history project by making a contribution to this GoFundMe page: www.gofundme/com/thehistorians

One thought on “A Newly Discovered Revolutionary War Letter

  1. Candice Becker

    I am glad you are sharing a pod cast of “The Historians” I am sure many people will enjoy it.

    Since I cannot hear, I cannot enjoy it.

    Thanks for sharing information concerning the struggles in making America a great country.


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