Update On MANY’s 2015 Legislative Priorities

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MANY LogoThe Museum Association of New York (MANY) has announced that the Museum Education Act is ready for introduction in the New York State Legislature and has outlined its priorities for 2015, including support for the Commission on New York State History Bill.

“We have held a series of meetings with the staff of the Office of Cultural Education and finalized the language of the [museum education] bill as well as planned a strategy with them for the 2015 Legislative Session,” an announcement to supporters said.

MANY is expecting to convene a meeting of its advocacy committee in early January to discuss the process going forward. They are currently seeking sponsors for the bill in both houses in January as the Senate and Assembly prepare for their one-house budgets before seeking support for the bill from citizens.

MANY is planning to provide a one-page summary of the bill as well as template letters to the editor to help with the advocacy effort.

MANY’s other stated advocacy priorities for 2015 include support for the Commission on New York State History Bill, increased funding for the New York State Council on the Arts, and a bill that offers amendments to the Non-Profit Revitalization Act to better suit the law to the museum sector.

For more information contact MANY via their website at www.manyonline.org.

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