Knox Headquarters: Hauntings in the 18th Century

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220px-Hammersmith_GhostTwo or three hundred years ago people were terrified of what lurked in the night. Ghosts stalked the gloomy forests and hovered about dark corners, preying on the unwary. Learn what role ghosts, specters and apparitions played in the lives of these people.

Stories such as the Tedworth Drummer show that the supernatural was an ever present part of English and American life. Ghost appeared baring their death wounds, as walking corpses or disembodied heads.

There were various causes of the hauntings. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the ghost of the slain king warned of impending doom. Others poignantly appeared to allow loved ones to say goodbye.

Saturday, January 17 at 7 pm, Knox’s Headquarters will present a talk entitled “Be Afraid. Be Really Afraid: Hauntings in the 18th Century”. Reservations are required for this event. For reservations and more information please call (845) 561-1765 ext. 22.

Knox’s Headquarters is located at 289 Forge Hill Road, in Vails Gate, New York, three miles southeast of the intersection of I-87 and I-84.  The bridge over Moodna Creek, just east of Knox’s Headquarters, was damaged by Hurricane Irene, so access to the site is from State Route 94 only.

Knox’s Headquarters State Historic Site is part of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. The Palisades Interstate Park Commission administers 29 parks, parkways and historic sites for the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation in New York as well as the Palisades Interstate Park and parkway in New Jersey. For more information about New York State Parks and Historic Sites, visit

Illustration: Engraving of the Hammersmith Ghost in Kirby’s Wonderful and Scientific Museum, a magazine published in 1804.

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