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New-York-State-Map1SUNY Adirondack and Open SUNY are offering an online course on New York State History for the 2015 Spring semester.  You may register through either institution and you do not need to be a matriculated student.

The semester begins on January 20th and ends on May 8th. The course is a 200-level undergraduate course, but students may work at the graduate level. 

The course was created by and is moderated by Edward Knoblauch. “Much of the course is taught by comparing different texts on the same or similar topics,” Knoblauch to Thew New York Hsitory Blog. “For example, students will view the first half hour of Ric Burn’s video ‘New York,’ read David Hammack’s review and Firth Fabend’s reaction to the video, and Jaap Jacobs’ entry ‘New Netherland’ from the Encyclopedia of New York State. Students will then discuss the materials.”

The course will include Native Americans, New Netherland, colonial New York, revolutionary New York, the industrial revolution, literature and the arts, urbanization and suburbanization, and new York government and politics.

You can find more information about the course online.

SUNY Adirondack:

Open SUNY:

6 thoughts on “Course On New York State History Being Offered

  1. Peter FeinmanPeter Feinman

    Congratulations. This is an excellent idea. Can this course be audited as an adult education class or must it be taken for credit? is it like Coursera?

  2. Dorothy Heller

    I had the same question as Peter. I would love to just audit the class. Please let me know!

    Thank you,

    Dorothy Heller

    1. Julie H. Lake

      I’m just now at the website, trying to figure out all of the above, and more. I can’t find such details as what time and how often it meets, what it will cost for those of us who are non-matriculated, and so forth. What I’ve learned is that the class limit is 25 students, that 12 are enrolled, and that the text books are Eisenstadt’s Encyclopedia of New York State and Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories. I’m going to call them now, and will report back.

  3. Julie H. Lake

    Here’s what I learned by calling Open SUNY “headquarters”, and it was no easy trick to find the phone number (800-342-3811 or 518-320-1888). After speaking with the very helpful woman there, she gave me the number for Admissions at Adirondack: 518-743-2264. I called Adirondack at 4:27 PM, and there was no answer, nor was there an answering device on which to leave a message.
    It’s a 3 credit class, and whether one takes it for credit, or audits the course, the cost to residents is the same: $162 per credit, x 3= $486.
    SUNY requires the submission of a certificate of residency, to be obtained from your town hall or equivalent. For admission to the course, a registration form for new, non-matriculated students must be completed, and either mailed or faxed. The woman at HQ could not determine a class schedule, and said it will probably be asynchronous.
    Here’s the course description from the catalog:
    “HIS 216 – History of New York State
    Adirondack / Community College | Spring 2015
    January 20, 2015 —
    This is a survey course providing an overview of the peoples and land of New York State from the earliest human occupation to the 21st century. The course will focus on physical geography, literature and the arts, demographics, government and politics relating to various time periods in New York State’s history including but not limited to Native American occupation, New Netherland, the Colonial and Revolutionary eras, and the Industrial Revolution.
    Section: 51719”
    I’ve read that there are inaccuracies in the Eisenstadt book: does anyone care to weigh in on that?


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