Conference on NYS History Seeks Proposals

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unnamed(27)The Conference on New York State History is now seeking proposals for the 2015 event at Niagara University.

The event is one of two major annual conferences for New York’s history community, including academic and public historians, librarians and archivists, educators, museum professionals, and publishers in New York State.

Presentations may consider any aspect of New York State’s history, throughout any time period. The organizers are especially interested in proposals that highlight how partnerships between historical and cultural organizations can promote better public understanding of history.

Presentation formats may include:

• Presentation Sessions: Chair and 3 presenters, 75 minutes
• Panel/Roundtable discussion sessions: Chair/Moderator and 3-4 panelists, 75 minutes
• Workshops and practical sessions: workshops 3–5 hours, practical sessions 75 minutes
• Individual presentations: 25 minutes

Preference will be given to full session proposals. Presenters are encouraged to take a dynamic approach, including the use of visual and audio aids, audience participation, and discussions, rather than solely reading a paper.

Proposal submissions should include a description of presentation, including a brief discussion of sources, methodology, and argument (300-word maximum), along with the completed proposal form, found at

Submit proposals by January 15, 2015 to Applicants will be notified of the Program Committee’s selections in January.

2 thoughts on “Conference on NYS History Seeks Proposals

  1. Bob Ulrich

    In my retirement, I have become involved in several lifetime learning programs in my area. I have taught and taken programs run at Marist College, Bard College, SUNY New Paltz, and Mt St Mary College. Take a look thru any of their catalogs, and you will see that science, literature, music, art, even bridge and dance programs are well represented, but very few offer history courses.
    You might want to try to understand why not, and how to resolve it. In many cases there is no hesitation to offer it, but they need volunteers to present them. When offered, they are often very well received. Interview some of the program directors to learn what potential for education exists here, in the area of senior’s continued non-credit learning programs.

  2. Kyle Jenks

    In response to Bob Ulrich’s comment, I offer a field trip option to our show: Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama in Mohawk, NY.
    Last year there was a sold out overnight, guided bus tour that included 12 historical stops that all corroborated the people, places and events told in the show. Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama tells the history of Mohawk Valley inhabitants during the pivotal Saratoga Campaign year of 1777.
    This link shows the complete itinerary:
    We are inviting organizations to work with us to customize this trip for their group.
    You may contact me via the website at:
    Kind regards,
    Kyle Jenks
    Writer, Producer, Director
    Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama


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