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Latest New York History News

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One thought on “This Week’s Top New York History News

  1. richard forliano

    It is exciting to learn hear about the New York History Roundtable. It is so important to reestablish the link between government, tourism, business, and education. To do that as the article says it is imperative to establish a set of core values and a mission that everyone understands. I agree with Assemblyman Steven Englebright that it is important to develop a sense of place. Without that, people are unable to develop a sense of identity, not only what makes their locality unique but also what bonds connect them with their neighbors, the state, and the country.

    Hopefully the establishment of a common core curriculum will facilitate connecting national themes with local history. The schools, local historians and societies, archivists, museums, local politicians, and businesses must form coalitions to work together to carry out a common mission.

    Rich Forliano


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