National Register Nomination for NYS Barge Canal

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nys_barge_canal_system_map-100In recognition of a near century of service, Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor – in collaboration with the NYS Canal Corporation, the Heritage Documentation Program of the National Park Service, and NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation – is sponsoring the nomination of the NYS Barge Canal System to the National Register of Historic Places.

The nomination includes the currently operational New York State Barge Canal, including the Erie, Champlain, Oswego, and Cayuga-Seneca Canals. The period of significance for the nomination is 1905, when construction began, through 1963. If approved, the historic district will include over 250 structures – every lock, lift bridge, guard gate, and dry dock on the system.

The New York State Board for Historic Preservation is scheduled to review the nomination in June. If approved, it will be submitted to the National Park Service in Washington, D.C. for final review and listing by the Keeper of the National Register.

The nomination itself is a more than 200-page, detailed document. It includes a narrative of the significance of the New York State Barge Canal, a description of canal structures, plus 140 maps, 46 pages of historical images, and 28 pages of current day photos selected to show characteristic features of the system.

More information on the nomination is available here or by contacting Jean Mackay at (518) 237-7000, ext. 222 or

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