New Book Highlights Waldorf Astoria Photographs

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9781467121286In a new pictorial history from author William Alan Morrison, Images of America: Waldorf Astoria (Arcadia Publishing, 2014), honors the world-renown grand hotel.

Vintage images take readers on a journey through the magnificent history of the hotel and the many glamorous guests that it housed. The Waldorf Astoria has been host to emperors, rajahs, potentates and plutocrats — not to mention every US president since Grover Cleveland — its name has become synonymous with the epitome of glamour, luxury and sophistication.

Author William Alan Morrison shares information on how the name Waldorf Astoria applied to two different but equally magnificent hotels. The first was the connecting Hotel Waldorf and Astoria Hotel operating at the corner of Fifth Avenue and West Thirty-third Street. It was a Gilded Age pleasure dome created by the Astor family for New York’s social elite.

The second and present Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue is the ultimate expression of Gotham’s Jazz Age extravagance. Vintage photographs herein record the architecture, decoration and history of these two extraordinary establishments as well as the outsized personalities who created and dwelt within them.

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