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Womens History MonthHelp this New York History Blog spread the word about the role of women in New York State history by contributing an essay for publication.

Essays are sought that focus on individual women, women’s groups, or relevant historic sites located in New York State. Historiography and commentaries on public history issues related to women’s history, are all welcome.

Essays should be about 750-1,200 words. Send your submissions via e-mail to editor John Warren. Include a short (three line) biography of yourself.

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John Warren is the founder and editor of The New York History Blog and the online news magazine Adirondack Almanack. He's been a media professional for 30 years with a focus on history, journalism and documentary production. He has a Master of Arts degree in Public History and is a media specialist at the New York State Writers Institute. John lives in the Adirondack Park and his weekly Adirondack Outdoors Conditions Report airs across Northern New York on the North Country Public Radio network.

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