Troy Labor History:
Kate Mullany 150th Anniversary History Walk

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kateimage-201x300The Rensselaer County Historical Society (RCHS) is hosting a special event this Saturday, February 22nd commemorating the 150th anniversary of Kate Mullany’s historic formation of the Collar Laundry Union in Troy. The event begins at 11am at RCHS and includes a walk from RCHS to the Troy Farmers Market at 12pm and concludes with speeches at the Farmers Market at 12:30. This event is free to the public.

At the age of 23 Kate Mullany organized 300 of her fellow laundry workers to strike for higher wages and improved working conditions in the collar laundries. This Saturday, February 22nd, RCHS will commemorate Mullany’s creation of the 1st sustained female labor union in America’s history. The event begins at 11am at RCHS (57 Second St., Troy, NY) where the public will be invited to create strike signs in keeping with the historic celebration of the strike.

At 12pm RCHS will lead a walk to Troy’s Farmers Market which will include re-enactors in period dress to lend an authentic flair to the celebration. Speeches will be given at 12:30pm at the Farmers Market to remember Mullany and her fellow workers’ accomplishments in the quest for labor rights.

T-shirts created specifically for this event will be available for order both before and during the event. For more information, call 518-272-7232, visit or check RCHS’ Facebook page.

The Rensselaer County Historical Society and Museum is a not-for-profit educational organization established in 1927 to connect local history and heritage with contemporary life. RCHS is located at 57 Second Street, Troy NY 12180.

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