Conference: Uncommon Approaches to Common Core

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Commoon Core Conf_logoHow can educators meaningfully incorporate the wealth of local and regional cultural resources into our Common Core-based curricula?

The South Central New York State Regional Library Council is hosting a conference that hopes to  provide opportunities for public school teachers, librarians, administrators, local and regional museums, art centers, historic sites, and other cultural institutions to get to know and interact with each other over Common Core.  The keynote will be presented by Kate Gerson, Senior Fellow for Common Core and Educator Engagement for the NY State Department of Education.

Formal educators will learn how to incorporate/utilize regional cultural resources in the way that the common core curriculum demands.  Informal educators can learn the Common Core Learning Standards, and learn how to adapt their resources and programs to support CCLS. Formal and informal educators can also expect to a broad understanding of the variety of regional resources and how to access each other.

This regional conference convening K-12 teachers and informal educators from the South Central region of New York State is co-sponsored by Roberson Museum and Science Center, WSKG, BT BOCES, DCMO BOCES, Binghamton University, South Central Regional Library Council, The Teacher Center of Broome County, and supported by the State Education Department.

For more information contact SCRLC, at Clinton Hall,108 N. Cayuga Street,Ithaca, NY   14850 or via phone at (607) 273-9106.


One thought on “Conference: Uncommon Approaches to Common Core

  1. Christian F. B.

    The Common Core was developed by Bill Gates, and supported by the Federal Government, as a means to get children to become subservient employees for Fortune 500 companies. It does not empower children to become independent, self-employed entrepreneurs. The Common Core assumes that all children are “common” and have no outstanding skills.


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