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The New York History Blog can only operate with the support of the readers like you, members of the history community which it serves.

We have a fundraising page at, a very reputable crowd-funding site (used by Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, among others). We also sell advertising.

There are several ways you can help support The New York History Blog, even if you don’t have money to give. Here’s how you can help:

1 – Head over to the fundraising site right now and make a contribution or pass along the fundraising link. We’re counting on each other to keep this going. The fundraising website is located at

2 – Take an advertisement on the site or encourage a friendly organization to take an ad. This is a great opportunity to get affordable advertising targeting a rather specific and educated readership interested in history (attention publishers and state-wide organizations!). Just drop our editor an e-mail ( for details.

3 – Help spread the word about the site and/or our fundraising effort via Twitter or Facebook by retweeting one of our tweets, or liking and sharing one on Facebook.

Help us generate a buzz.


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