The Battle of Oriskany and General Nicholas Herkimer

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image001(7)During the critical Battle of Oriskany in August 1777, Continental forces led by General Nicholas Herkimer defeated the British army under St. Leger in the heart of New York’s Mohawk Valley. It was a hard-won victory, but he and his troops prevented the British from splitting the colonies in two.

In The Battle of Oriskany and General Nicholas Herkimer: Revolution in the Mohawk Valley (History Press, 2013), Paul Boehlert presents a gripping account of the events before, during and after this critical battle.

Although they did not succeed in relieving the British siege of Fort Stanwix, Herkimer’s citizen-soldiers turned back the British and protected America’s northern flank from attack. Herkimer was mortally wounded, but his heroism and leadership firmly placed him in the pantheon of Revolutionary War heroes.

Paul Boehlert is a Mohawk Valley native with an abiding interest in the personalities and events chronicled in this book. An award-winning actor and storyteller by trade (and a two-time Emmy Award nominee), he holds a bachelor’s degree in literature and a master’s in theater. He belongs to historical societies in Oneida and Herkimer Counties, as well as societies in several area villages and towns, the Utica Maennerchor German cultural society, National Railway Historical Society and the Trust for Historic Preservation.

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3 thoughts on “The Battle of Oriskany and General Nicholas Herkimer

  1. Bob Ulrich

    Not at ALL the way I learned about this action. Taken totally by surprise by St Leger’s Indian allies, they were decimated as they marched down a creek bed on their way to try to assist at Stnwix. The only positive thing that took place was the fact that so many had left the siege of Stanwix to join in this blood fest, that the commanders at Stanwix had the opportunity to ransack the supplies they left behind when they left for Oriskany. Upon returning, seeing their prized possessions had disappeared, many left for home. Leger had no one left to continue the action and withdrew back to Canada. Also part of the Indian withdrawal was Benedict Arnold, sent by Gen Schyler to assist, has the warnings of crazy Hon Yost Schyler (no direct relation to the General) warning (falsely) that massive help from the Continentals was on the way. “more men then the leaves now falling to the ground” he wanted his native friends.
    The local signage noes that almost no patriot families in the Mohawk Valley were left unscathed by this action, some losing ALL its male members as a result. Victory ? Not at all.


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