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The New York History Blog provides an outstanding opportunity to promote your organization to a year-round audience especially interested in history in New York State.

Why Should You Advertise?

The New York History Blog’s is updated several times per day to attract more online attention than smaller organizations can typically manage.  Our stories are wildly shared on social media, providing additional reach to a unique expanding audience.

New York History Blog posts circulate in the NY History community and beyond via our daily e-mail subscription service (about 1,500 subscribers), Twitter (about 8,000 followers @NewYorkHistory, and Facebook.

Stories on the blog linked at those social media platforms draw responses from policy makers, history professionals, academics and history teachers, local and municipal historians – all expanding your reach and encouraging their interest and investment in your organization.

Exactly How Far Will My Ad Reach?

Depending on your needs, The New York History Blog cab be an opportunity to reach a unique audience, have a web presence, or to grow your audience of locals, ex-pats, regional supporters, and among younger supporters.  The blog has a reach of about 35,000 unique page views per month so your advertisement gives you entrée into a broad, online, digitally savvy community interested in history. This site has a high Google page rank, which means that links to your website will help produce better results in web searches.

What Would I Advertise?

The New York History Blog is a great opportunity to advertise your big upcoming events, but year-round advertising would enable you to advertise membership, seek volunteers, and promote your efforts in other ways, in addition to keeping alive an important resource for the state’s history community.

Pick your next big event, an annual campaign, new exhibit, lecture series – and promote it!

What Should I Do Next?

Drop me a note at  – I can help you put together an ad, or a whole ad campaign – I have years of experience doing it at Adirondack Almanack.

Individuals or organizations can pay as little as $100 for a one month introductory period.

OK, Sorry, No Thanks – What else can I do to help?

We have a fundraising page at ( Make a small contribution to help keep this site funded.

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John Warren is the founder and editor of The New York History Blog and the online news magazine Adirondack Almanack. He's been a media professional for 30 years with a focus on history, journalism and documentary production. He has a Master of Arts degree in Public History and is a media specialist at the New York State Writers Institute. John lives in the Adirondack Park and his weekly Adirondack Outdoors Conditions Report airs across Northern New York on the North Country Public Radio network.

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  1. Marjory Allen Perez

    I am considering advertising my business on the NY history blog – historical and family research services. I am a certified genealogist and have extensive research and writing experience. Could you give me an idea of cost for a six-month contract? Thank you.


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