Remarkable Women in New York State History

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image001(5)The significant events in New York State history are well known to educators, students and New Yorkers alike. But often, the role that women played in these events has been overlooked.

In Remarkable Women in New York State History (History Press, 2013), Edited by Helen Engel and Marilynn Smiley, members of the American Association of University Women in New York State have meticulously researched the lives and actions of more than 300 of New York’s finest women.

Some of the names are renowned, like the great emancipator Harriet Tubman, who settled in Auburn, and some are less so, such as Linda Tetor, who fought for the rights of senior citizens in Steuben County and throughout the state.

These indomitable women who, from Long Island and Manhattan to Buffalo and Fredonia, have steered the course of New York’s history from the colonial era through today.

Helen Butterfield Engel is a graduate of the Ohio State University and a life member of the Sterling, New York Historical Society and a member of the Oswego County Historical Society.

Marilynn J. Smiley is a Distinguished Teaching Professor at the State University of New York–Oswego, where she teaches courses in music history and literature.

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