Montgomery Co. Hosting ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ Discussion

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Solomon Northup in a Sketch from Twelve Years a SlaveThe Montgomery County Department of History & Archives will host a book discussion on Solomon Northrup‘s Twelve Years a Slave.

Northup was born a free man in what is now Minerva, Essex County, NY, in 1808. While working as a cabbie and violinist in Saratoga Springs in 1841, he was abducted, held in a slave pen in Washington, DC, and sold into slavery in Louisiana for 12 years before regaining his freedom.

Citizens of Saratoga and surrounding areas were instrumental in arranging for Solomon’s release in 1853 and return to Saratoga. Northup published his autobiography Twelve Years A Slave in 1853 about his ordeal.

A limited release of the movie based upon the book of the same name is scheduled for October 18th. The book Solomon Northup: The Complete Story of the Author of Twelve Years a Slave, by David Fiske, Clifford W. Brown and Rachel Seligman, has also just been published (Praeger Publishing, 2013). To coincide with the movie release, and the new biography, participants will discuss the events that transpired almost two centuries ago.

The book discussion will be held at the Department of History & Archives at the Old Courthouse, 9 Park Street in Fonda on Wednesday, Nov. 6th 10am-noon.

As seating may be limited, please register for the book discussion by calling the Dept. of History & Archives at (518) 853-8186.

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