New Map, App Feature NY Underground Railroad Sites

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NYSUGRR_Map_600Federal and state partners have recently released a new online map and mobile app to help people explore New York State’s connection to abolitionism and the Underground Railroad. The map includes sites, programs and tours that have been approved by the National Park Service Network to Freedom Program or the New York State Underground Railroad Heritage Trail.

New York State was a gateway for many African Americans seeking to escape slavery in the 1800s. Its prime location, with access to Canada and major water routes, made it the destination of choice for many Africans fleeing slavery along the eastern seaboard. The interactive map was created to tie New York State’s individual sites together, but also connect them to the longer string of sites that comprise the entire Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.

Ruth Pierpont, Deputy Commissioner for Historic Preservation at OPRHP said in a statement issued to the press: “We are happy to partner with the Erie Canalway Heritage Corridor and I Love New York in making this user-friendly map available to promote an understanding of this important, and still under-recognized, aspect of the history of our state.”

The New York State Underground Railroad Network to Freedom map is a collaborative project initiated by the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, in partnership with I LOVE NEW YORK and the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP).

The map can be accessed online at:

The smartphone app is available



2 thoughts on “New Map, App Feature NY Underground Railroad Sites

  1. valerie jones

    I am trying to get a phone number or email address to find out more information about the Barnes House in Syracuse, the Myers Residence in Albany and the River Stroll in Rochester….just could not find out here how to arrange a tour and/or visit. Thank you.
    Valerie Jones

    1. John WarrenJohn Warren

      Hi Valerie,

      If you click on the link in the first paragraph that brings you to the map, there are links to each site’s website.

      Or you could try Googling them.

      John Warren


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