Tompkins County Events Mark The Civil War

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7th New York State Militia, Camp Cameron, D.C., 1861In late August, the Sons of Veterans Commemoration of Civil War veteran George Ehle was held at the Trumansburg Cemetery (Tompkins County). It was attended by a number of the Sons of Union Veterans, a Boy Scout Troop, at least a half dozen descendants of Ehle, and a few spectators. Tompkins County Civil War Commissioners in attendance were Danny Wheeler, Ray Wheaton, Ralph Jones. George Boyer, Marcia Lynch and Michael Lane, co-chair of the Commission. Danny Wheeler led the program and Michael Lane spoke briefly for the Commission.

The new monument stone is worded to remind us that Ehle lived to be 101 years of age and at the time of his death was the last living Civil War veteran from Tompkins County. The Tompkins County Commission was honored with a certificate presented by the Sons of Union Veterans in appreciation of our efforts for the Sesquicentennial.

In September there will be two events sponsored by the commission. There will be a service in the Newfield Cemetery to remember Col. George Gregg who died at Gettysburg holding the line against a Confederate attack.

In addition, on September 11, Commission members will read The Language of War, an original drama created by Carol Kammen, Tompkins County Historian and Commission co-chair, drawn from letters, diaries, and newspaper reports of men who served during the Civil War and from Civil War Nurses from the county.

These moving accounts tell the story of patriotism, battle, boredom, desertion, extraordinary service, and events from the home front. It will be presented at Dryden’s Southworth Library at 7 p.m. It is free and open to anyone interested. The Commission will be presenting this drama of the county at war in all the towns of the county in town halls, libraries and historical societies.

7th New York State Militia, Camp Cameron, D.C., 1861. Photo from the Library of Congress.

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