Preservationists Seek Support For Fishkill’s Jackson House

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Jack House Through The YearsThe Friends of Jackson House, an organization that has come together to advocate for the preservation of the historic Jackson House in Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York is spreading the word about their attempt to save the house from relocation or demolition, and asking for signatures on an online petition.  

Jackson House has been a prominent landmark in the Village of Fishkill National Register Historic District for centuries. Current site development plans call for demolition or relocation of the Jackson House. The historic home was once the nineteenth-century home of Dutchess County Judge Joseph I. Jackson. Friends of Jackson House seek to preserve this historic resource “and enhance what makes the Village of Fishkill an attractive, profitable and well-traveled Hudson Valley destination.”

A petition to save the Jackson House is now online. In a statement sent to the New York History Blog by Friends of Jackson House the group is asking that readers “take a moment to read the petition and consider signing and sharing with your friends, family and business connections.”

The peition is available here:

2 thoughts on “Preservationists Seek Support For Fishkill’s Jackson House

  1. Deborah Jones

    Trying to identify a house I believe is in the Fishkill Plains area. Will try to email it to you if I can find your address. Thank you.

  2. Lin

    UPDATE::::::::On 12/03/13 the Jackson House was demolished, without public noticed or time for public comment (as a result of an order signed at Village of Fishkill meeting the night before)

    The preservation group and the actions they were taking , including the 11/24/13 Walkway action was starting to gain public attention and momentum…….any public relations threat to the big money machine (developers and the town puppets) needs to be quickly stopped. You all did a valiant and excellant job…….in a normal…….just and honorable world……were our leaders decisions truly reflect and are determined by what is best for the people they serve and the future of all……this valuable, irreplaceable house would be still standing……..and it would have been restored before Mayor Miccio as of Monday night, perceived such a threat.


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