American Revolution Magazine Ceases Publishing

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“It is with a heavy heart that we announce our decision to cease publishing American Revolution Magazine, due to a variety of factors,” the publishers of the popularly oriented magazine of the Revolution have announced.  The last issue of the magazine published was the September/October 2012 issue and mailed in August.

The magazine’s Editor David Reuwer, President of the American Revolution Association (ARA), helped found the periodical in January 2009 as a bi-monthly. About 5,000 copies were distributed in over 40 states and in England, according to ARA’s website. The magazine also used the name Patriots of the American Revolution.

Reuwar has said he plans on continuing to promote Revolutionary history and content on the website and through the American Revolution Association.

Back issues can still be purchased for $4 each by calling 800.767.5828.

2 thoughts on “American Revolution Magazine Ceases Publishing

  1. Anonymous

    I am sad to hear this as a subscriber – it was a terrific magazine (along with DAR’s American Spirit!) It will be missed…

  2. William Betts

    Can anyone provide me the title, please, and the page numbers, and date of issue of the number which includes the article on General Edward Hand by Sean Heuvel. I am doing a biography of Edward Hand. Is there any way I can secure a copy of that issue? Thanking you much. Bill Betts, Boynton Beach, Florida


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