A New Contributer: Saratoga Historian Sean Kelleher

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Please join all of us here at New York History in welcoming our newest contributor Sean Kelleher. Kelleher is the Historian for the Town of Saratoga and Village of Victory in the Upper Hudson Valley. He has a particular interest in colonial history, being active as a reenactor for 34 years and has served as a Commissioner on the New York State French and Indian War 250th Anniversary Commemoration Commission.

Kelleher worked for a decade at a public television station, in addition to assisting on documentaries for PBS’s American Experience and the BBC. As an educator, he was a New Hampshire Council for the Social Studies Executive Board member and the Director of the New Hampshire Teacher Training Institute for Character and Citizenship Education. As a historian, he served as the Director of the Washington County Fair Farm Museum, and has designed a number of interpretive panels in his community. As a consultant, he has worked with a number of Champlain, Hudson and Mohawk Valleys historic sites on grant writing, interpretive planning, and marketing.

He writes about colonial history, the upper Hudson River, commemorations, and history education.

One thought on “A New Contributer: Saratoga Historian Sean Kelleher

  1. Don Sondergeld

    Please reply to me at don@shoreham.net

    The State of VT is trying to get National Historic Landmark status for Hubbardton Battlefield.

    Ft Ti, Mount Independence and of course Saratoga Battlefield have this status. We need help in finding scholars outside the state of VT who will indicate the rear guard action at the Battle of Hubbardton was important. Had St Clair’s army been captured by Burgoyne, there might never have been a win at Saratoga.

    Can suggest you suggest sources for us to contact, in addition to you.

    Please help us.

    Don Sondergeld


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