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If you are interested in having your organization’s news or event noticed at The New York History Blog, be sure to send a press release following these simple steps:

1. Focus on a single subject.  Keep press releases to one subject – a lecture series, a single event, exhibit, or conference. 

2. Be sure your press release is complete. In at least three paragraphs describe the what, when, where, and why of your event. Always include a paragraph describing your organization that includes a URL to your website, the location, hours, and admission fees. Spell out acronyms.

3. Write press releases journalistically. The best press release is one that the media reprints verbatim. Provide an easy-to-use, ready-made story. Write your press release to read as though you were a reporter. Avoid unnecessary hyperbole and never use all caps, italics, bold, or other strange formatting except where grammatically correct. Avoid exclamation points and rhetorical questions. Avoid “you” in favor of “participants” or “visitors”.

4. Include photos. If you don’t have at least one photo, find a relevant public domain image, or send along your logo. Consider also creating a poster or other image than can be shared on social media.  ALWAYS include a caption with the source for your image. Send images as a jpg.

5. Provide enough lead time. Send your event notices two weeks in advance. If you are sending a late announcement be sure to indicate the event date in the subject of your e-mail.

6. Consider sending a flier or poster for social media. In addition to a press release consider creating a flier or poster for use with social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Send your poster as a jpg.

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2 thoughts on “Submitting Your News For Publication

  1. Nancy Johnsen Curran

    I use the Associated Press stylebook for reference. I think it gives credibility to the writer. My goal is not to give an editor a chance to say No.
    Details such as using postal codes instead of AP state abbreviations and AM and PM instead of a.m. and p.m. just look more professional.

  2. William R. Graser

    My name is William Graser, and I reside in Londonderry, NH. I am providing this information for those interested in firsthand account of veterans. Sixty veterans recall their time in uniform from WW II to the Middle East.
    Veterans’ Reflections’ Gets New Marketing Campaign
    William R. Graser’s book focuses on military service seen through firsthand accounts of 60 war veterans
    Londonderry, NH (PRWEB) March 23, 2017 — At the conclusion of the 2007 Veterans’ Day ceremony, several veterans stated that it was the first time anyone had taken the time to thank them for their service. Their appreciation for William R. Graser’s thoughtfulness gave him the inspiration to record their accounts and write “Veterans’ Reflections: History Preserved” (published by iUniverse).

    Published in December of 2015, and revised April 21, 2016, this book focuses on military service as seen through the firsthand accounts of 60 veterans set against historical content that encompasses a period spanning more than 75 years. These veterans served during all of the major wars and conflicts from 1941 to 2004, World War II and up to the Middle East.

    “My book honors the past through firsthand accounts of veterans,” Graser says. “Today’s servicemen and women are making history every day. They will continue to shape our views as a nation. Veterans are part of today’s society as they have been since the earliest days of our nation. “

    “Veterans’ Reflections” is a story of personal sacrifice and commitment to the values that have made the United States of America the envy of the world. Graser draws on his military experiences, government records, personal interviews and firsthand accounts to write this story.

    “Veterans’ Reflections: History Preserved”
    By William R. Graser
    Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 302 pages | ISBN 9781491772850
    E-Book | 302 pages | ISBN 9781491772867
    Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

    About the Author
    William R. Graser was a sergeant first class recruited by the U.S. Army Security Agency in 1965. His assignments included Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, West Germany, occupied West Berlin, and the U.S. Army Security Agency’s headquarters at Arlington Hall Station, Arlington, Virginia. He earned the Army of Occupation Medal and was awarded the Legion of Merit Medal for his exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements while serving with the U.S. Army Field Station Berlin.



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