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After 21 Yrs Jeff County Historical Cancels Victorian Faire

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Jefferson County Historical SocietyThe Watertown Daily Times is reporting that the Jefferson County Historical Society (JCHS) has cancelled it’s annual Victorian Faire after holding the event for more than 20 years. JCHS Executive Director Jessica M. Phinney told the newspaper that a fall in the number of vendors from 20 to 30 in 2012, to 23 last year and just seven this year.

“We reached out to all prior vendors and the feedback was nothing bad – we are fairly priced,”  Phinney told the paper. “This year the committee decided to opt for quality. We didn’t want to put the vendors we had through (a low turnout).” Continue reading

Ulster County Groups Offer ‘Trivia Night’

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The Ulster County Historical Society and Historic Huguenot Street are joining forces to bring trivia to New Paltz. Tomorrow night, Friday, March 25th, the two organizations will offer “Trivia Night.”

The program in New Paltz is a continuation of the Trivia Nights the Ulster County Historical Society (UCHS) has offered previously at the Bevier House Museum, their headquarters in Stone Ridge. Recently, UCHS Administrator Suzanne Hausperg contacted Historic Huguenot Street (HHS) to see if they would like to collaborate. Richard Heyl de Ortiz, Director of Marketing, Development and Visitation for HHS, explains, “Suzanne called me to say that they wanted to take Trivia Night on the road and asked if we’d be interested in collaborating. I had thought the idea was a great one when they launched it last year and was happy to work together to make this happen.”

Trivia Night is a combination of national and local history, with perhaps even a bit of New Paltz history added in for this event. Individuals play in teams and all skill levels are welcome. The night also includes drinks, delicious hors d’oeuvres and prizes.

Trivia Night will be offered on Friday, March 25th from 6 to 9pm at Deyo Hall, 6 Broadhead Avenue, between North Chestnut and Huguenot Streets, in New Paltz. There is a $10 charge per person. For more information about this or about Historic Huguenot Street, visit www.huguenotstreet.org or call (845) 255-1660. For more information about the Ulster County Historical Society, visit www.bevierhousemuseum.org.

Photo: The Bevier House Museum, home of the Ulster County Historical Society.