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Some Hudson Valley Casualties of World War One

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World War One causalityThis past year marked the 100th anniversary of America’s entrance into World War I, on April 6, 1917. What was hoped to be the “war to end all wars” turned out to be nothing of the sort, and stands instead as one of the great disasters of the 20th century, remembered mostly for the senseless and utter wasting of millions of young lives and the high idealism of those so wasted.

Prominent families in the Hudson Valley were not spared. Before the days of college deferments, smoking but not inhaling, and that sanctuary known as the Texas Air National Guard, the sons and daughters of elite families didn’t just talk the talk but actually walked the walk of service to higher ideals by responding to the twin calls of patriotism and the fight against tyranny. Sons drove ambulances, fought with the French, and, when the time came, enlisted in our own armed forces. Daughters went to France to act as nurses or work in relief organizations. Being away from the fighting, the daughters returned. But not all the sons. Continue reading

Dutch Culture Being Showcased at Historic Huguenot Street

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George Way surrounded by some of his collectionsHistoric Huguenot Street (HHS),  in New Paltz, Ulster County, NY will present Living in Style: Selections from the George Way Collection of Dutch Fine and Decorative Art, October 1 through December 17, 2017.

This installation of a period room in the historic Jean Hasbrouck House celebrates the enduring impact of Dutch culture and the New Netherland Colony in the Hudson Valley. A preview of the room will take place on Saturday, September 30 as part of HHS’s Fall Harvest Celebration. Continue reading

Building Community in Schools, Museums, Historic Sites & Parks

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Campaign ButtonsSpeaking in Boston in October 1932, Franklin D. Roosevelt declared, “Knowledge – that is, education in its true sense – is our best protection against unreasoning prejudice and panic-making fear, whether engendered by special interests, illiberal minorities or panic-stricken leaders.”

At a time when civil discourse and mutual respect can be hard to come by, FDR’s thinking about education inspired the teachers and other educators who planned this year’s Teaching the Hudson Valley institute.

Building Community with Place-Based Learning will be held July 25th to the 27th at the Henry Wallace Education and Visitor Center on the grounds of the Franklin Roosevelt Home and Presidential Library in Hyde Park and sites throughout the Valley.​ ​The program includes more than 15 workshops and five all-day field experiences.  Continue reading

New York’s Historic Inns, Restaurants, and Taverns

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nys-historic-restaurants-inns-and-tavernsNew York’s Historic Inns, Restaurants, and Taverns (Globe Pequot Press, 2016) explores the history of over forty institutions throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley that are still in existence today. Travel to the tavern where George Washington hosted a farewell dinner for his officers at the close of the American Revolution. Eat steak at one of the city’s oldest steakhouses. Rest your head in one of the original houses built by Dutch colonists in the Hudson Valley. Part historical record and part travelogue, the book tells tales about the region’s most historical and storied establishments. Continue reading

American Revolution Round Table of the Hudson, Mohawk Valleys

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american-revolution-roundtableThe American Revolution Round Table (ARRT) of the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys is a new group of history enthusiasts dedicated to the studies of the American Revolution. The ARRT’s mission is to provide an opportunity to socialize, network, and present material for those interested in the American Revolution.

The ARRT was created by historians, tour guides, and historic site and museums professionals who are enthusiasts of American Revolution history. Continue reading

Rhinebeck: Our Time At Fox Hollow Farm

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our time at foxhollow farmDavid Byars’ new book, Our Time at Foxhollow Farm a Hudson Valley Family Remembered (SUNY Press, 2016) is a pictorial history of a wealthy Hudson Valley family in the early decades of the twentieth century. Illustrated with the family’s extensive collection of personal albums compiled during the nascent years of photography, it provides a fascinating insight into the regional, social, and architectural history of the era. Continue reading