Contributor Guidelines

Writers are encouraged to review The New York History Blog over the past couple weeks to get a sense for our style and tone before submitting an article for publication. Please also read these short guidelines. The copyright of all stories remains with the author.

What kind of article are you submitting? If you would like The New York History Blog to run an announcement from your organization, you should send a press release. Our tips for writing press releases can be found online here. What follows are tips for those writing stories from their own, rather than an organization’s, perspective. We do not publish “sponsored posts” or other posts that are really marketing schemes.

Length. We don’t have specific guidelines, but offer a recommendation to generally keep your piece to between 750 and 1,600 words. Longer pieces (more than 1,000 words) should use subheadings. If your story is national or international in scope, it should be connected to experiences in New York State.

No Footnotes. The New York History Blog is not an academic source and prefers readable popular approaches to the state’s history. We encourage citation in text, magazine or journalism style. The site is an open forum, if there are disagreements in historical interpretation, anyone can comment at the bottom. Use links (in the text) to source materials when appropriate.

Include Images When You Can:  If you can, please include one to four photos, maps, or other illustrations, along with the source of the images. All images should be sent in a web format file (jpg and png are best), in the same e-mail as your submission.

Byline and Bio: Please include a short bio (3-4 sentences) at the bottom of your piece describing your experience with the topic of your contribution along with a photo of yourself for inclusion in your bio.

Ready To Submit? Send your submission via e-mail as an attached text document (such as Word) with your photo sources and bio at the bottom. Also attach your photos to the same e-mail (please don’t imbed them in the text). Send your submission to editor John Warren at Please don’t hesitate to contact John with questions or concerns.

One thought on “Contributor Guidelines

  1. John Wolcott

    Hello Mr. Warren:

    Your New York History Blog being an open forum is fine for me . It’s just what I lke

    with ideas critscisms and information being exchanged. I was already featured in your

    blog last year concerning my using A U.S. Coast Survey Chart and other materials to

    pinpoint what I believe to be the location of Fort Nassau just north of the Port of Albany.

    I’d like to now offer a review of Fort Nassau , The Onrust and the naming of New

    Netherland Plus my own photo gallery of the Onrust. I suppose these are slightly

    divers foci but closly related. I hope you like it. I will transmit the whole review

    in the early morning for I have to sign off now


    John Wolcott


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