Interview: Michael Perazzini, Johnson Hall Historic Site

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Michael Perazzini, Senior Interpreter at Johnson Hall State Historic Site at Johnstown in Fulton County, joined host Jane E. Wilcox on The Forget-Me-Not Hour to talk about the 18th century history of the Mohawk Valley, with a focus on Sir William Johnson’s role in the Mohawk Valley, his Mohawk consort Molly Brant, the Iroquois and early European settlers in the Valley, and their experiences during the American Revolution. The Mohawk Valley’s history during the war was particularly tumultuous. Michael spotlighted what happened to the Loyalists during and after the war as well and talked about what records can help in researching Mohawk Valley Loyalist ancestors during this period.

Listen to the interview here.

For more information on Johnson Hall, visit their website.

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Jane E. Wilcox is a contributing editor of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record and serves on the New York State Archives Advisory Committee. She speaks at national genealogy conferences and institutes. With her company, Forget-Me-Not Ancestry, in Kingston, NY, Jane is a full-time professional genealogist, specializing in colonial and early national New York and area research. She also serves on the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society’s New York Family History Advisory Committee.

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  1. Jonathan B. Richards II

    I thought I had successfully posted a Comment but do not see it recorded. The gist of my earlier remarks is that this podcast interview of scholar Perazzini is excellent , covering the regional history of the pre-American development of the Mohawk Valley by Sir William Johnson and his Loyalist groups. The importance of Native American interaction is well outlined. A great introduction to a period of New York history which was both complex and influential. Well done Ms. Wilcox and Mr. Perazzini.


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