Conference on Strategic Organizational Sustainability March 15

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New York Cultural Heritage Tourism NetworkOn Wednesday March 15, 2017 at Colgate University in Hamilton, the New York Cultural Heritage Tourism Network (NYCHTN) will host a conference on Strategic Organizational Sustainability.

The Sustainability Conference is focused on providing relevant information to participants that will allow them a better understanding of how to work outside the prescribed silos of their organizations by:

– Becoming active participants in their communities and regional economic development using applicable statistics.
– Using best practices to leverage their organization’s assets for continued relevance and sustainability.
– Taking preservation to the next level in their community.
– Working collaboratively with public and private entities to encourage local and regional partnerships in their perspective fields.

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One thought on “Conference on Strategic Organizational Sustainability March 15

  1. Peter Evans

    This needs to be updated
    Conference date was moved due to weather concerns
    Check with Spike Herzig for details


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