Matton Shipyard Receives Historic Preservation Grant

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Matton Shipyard main buildingErie Canalway National Heritage Corridor was awarded a $5,000 grant by the National Trust for Historic Preservation from the John E. Streb Fund for New York. These grant funds will be used to conduct a feasibility and master planning study of Matton Shipyard, a threatened early 20th century facility important to the story of New York’s Erie Canal. The project will result in plans for re-purposed structures, interpretation, and community space open to the public.

The historic Matton Shipyard is a rare surviving example of an early 20th century ship building and repair facility. From 1916 to 1983, Matton workers built more than 340 tug boats, police boats, WWII submarine chasers, and other vessels. Matton Shipyard is located in Peebles Island State Park at the junction of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers. It is strategically linked to several land and water-based recreational trails.

Project details can be found here.

Photo: Matton Shipyard, Cohoes, provided.

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