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History Press Arcadia Publishing MergerArcadia Publishing has announced the acquisition of The History Press Inc., a wholly owned US based subsidiary of UK based The History Press Ltd, in a private sale. The deal creates the largest publisher of local and regional books in the U.S. with a combined total of more than 12,000 titles available for sale.

“Arcadia is committed to maintaining the creative aspects of both businesses and will keep existing brands entirely separate,” the company said in a statement issued to the press.

In a message sent to Arcadia and History Press employees late Monday, Arcadia Publishing CEO Richard Joseph said:

“I have given a lot of thought as to what we are about and where our future lies. The combination of Arcadia Publishing and The History Press creates the largest and most comprehensive publisher of local and regional content in the USA. By empowering local history and culture enthusiasts to write local stories for local audiences, we create exceptional books that are relevant on a local and personal level, enrich lives, and bring readers closer – to their community, their neighbors, and their past. We are committed to the pursuit of new growth opportunities and to increasing the availability, depth, and breadth of local books. Driven by genuine pride in our work and an infectious enthusiasm for what we do, we are universally dedicated to the success of our authors, employees and stakeholders.”

In a statement issued to the media Chief Executive of The History Press Ltd Stuart Biles said, “We are enormously proud of the fine company we have built together in just a few short years. We’re extremely sad to see the business leave our group, but have to recognize the significant benefits which will be achieved by joining History Press Inc. with Arcadia, both creatively and operationally. We thank Brittain Phillips for his leadership, and his team, for their substantial contribution to our business.”

The company said that the terms of publishing agreements will remain the same. Royalties will be paid separately by each company at the existing contract rate, and authors should continue as they have in dealing with each company.

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